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Get your organization future-ready

Building a disruptive organization from scratch is hard. Transforming an existing one from the current state to future state sometimes feels like being close to impossible.
In half-day or full-day workshops, Tony Saldanha talks the organization through not just why digtal transformation is critical, but uses simple models and real-life examples to show that it is possible.
Some examples of the types of workshops available are –
Get going! This workshop uses disruption examples from a spectrum of industries and public sector arenas to demonstrate that the future is already here; it’s just spread unevenly!
Assess current state! The biggest challenges in digital transformation are usually internal to the organization (e.g. prevailing culture, leadership readiness, diligence in execution, strategy sufficiency, etc). You need a realistic assessment of the current state before you strategize for the future.
Strategize! The challenge in most organizations that fail in digital transformation is that they confuse innovation theater with true transformation. Anecdotal successes, onne-off pilot successes, isolated innovation hub executions and promising new technologies are no substitute for wall-street results. That takes disciplined strategy.
Execute! The most common reason why transformations fail is the lack of discipline in execution. Exciting transformations don’t scale, organizational immune systems overcome disruptive changes, insuffient successes don’t make a dent in the P&L. In the world of digital transformation, execution is everything!
These workshops build capability to start leading digital transformation internally. At the end of the day, only you can transform your own business.



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