There’s a huge difference between training on concepts and practitioner application. We’re all about providing skill building based on actual practical experience from the world’s best practitioners.


Training and certification is available via the Digital Transformation Institute (DTI). DTI focuses on proven methodologies for digital transformation based on three decades of actual practical experience.

This training is based on the book “Why Digital Transformations Fail”. DTI offers five levels of certification. The first is a one-hour course based on web based training. The second is a two-hour web-based training. Level III is a half day web based training. Level four and five are In-person trainings accompanied by certification exams.


GBS training and certification is provided by our sister company, INIXIA. INIXIA’s program certifies you on the Professional GBS ™ model.

Professional GBS ™  or P-GBS has five levels of programs – Foundation, Operations Management, Service Management, Transformation and Leadership.

A basic free version of GBS Foundation Training is available online. All training and certification is offered currently via live web-based or in-person training by industry leading GBS executives.