The first stage to leading change is to assess current reality. Better yet, get an external viewpoint from external practitioners who have been there, done that. We provide packaged assessments for digital transformation and global business services


The Digital Transformation Assessment service is a 1-4 week exercise. This product takes the senior executives through an eye-opening journey on what “good” looks like in the digital world, and follows up with several days of interviews of all stakeholders involved in digital transformation. The end-result is the clearest, most transparent, extremely practical guidebook on what needs to change for successful digital transformation.


A strong GBS strategy can spell the difference between world-class results and less than average ones. But, is your stated strategy the same as what your organization is executing? And, are your peers and business units playing against your stated game plan?

We assess on-the-ground reality on elements including “On-the-ground” GBS Strategy, Governance, People Empowerment, Agility, Customer Feedback, Process Strength and Technology choices.

The outcome is the strongest foundation you can get for your transformation plans.