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Transformex is a sister company of Transformant focused on helping clients develop and implement 10X software products for exponential business impact.
Our one-of-its kind platform creates disruptive digital solutions at low costs and high effectiveness, by creating a network ecosystem effect between enterprises, IT developers and start-ups. Its true focus is on creating disruptive solutions for its clients, but in a manner that offers IT developers who want to enter the software products market the opportunity to co-invest in their creation. To maintain this win-win, symbiotic relationship, it uses a decentralized ledger platform that tokenizes solutions, tracks transactions and promotes collaboration across the ecosystem through its proprietary incentive algorithms.
Transformex is based on expanding the work done by Tony Saldanha, previously VP for Global Business Services and IT at Procter & Gamble. Over the period of 2015-2018, this industry ecosystem created 10X disruptive solutions in AI based Accounts Receivables, Global based shipping and invoicing based on Blockchain, AI for Global Purchasing Buyers, AI for call center operators, a Siri-like platform for all corporate employees, a self-healing IT infrastructure management tool for global companies and several more.

Today, CIOs and GBS leaders in enterprises have neither the capabilities nor the significant resources needed to create disruptive technology solutions, such as those based on AI, Smart Automation, IoT or Blockchain. Given budget pressures, most investments go into operations or continual improvement type efforts. Transformex brings not only the ability to create and re-use disruptive solutions, but the methodology to drive disruptive change in stable operations, so that an organization can successfully transform without ill effects.
Whether it’s a global Consumer Packaged Goods giant or a relatively small shipping company interested in driving digital transformation successfully, Transformex has the network effect and the methodology for you to play like a giant-killer in the digital world. Our deep industry expertise, process rigor and the huge network effect of a dozen IT companies partnering with thousands of start-ups, brings you the best of the latest knowledge and distills it into successful use cases specific to your business.



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