Disruptive solution development is to regular software development like Amazon is to a traditional physical store. They  are both  related, but it needs much more advanced technologies, ecosystems and business models. Get expert help here.


Creating 10X solutions systemically takes new technologies, new ecosystems of partners, reimagination of work processes, and entirely new methodologies for execution and immune system management. 

We help you  -Staff the right people in the right roleSet up the ecosystem of vendors and startups Design the operating model for the team Select initial pilots after assessment of possibilities  Set up a program board And help build solutions if needed


In today’s disruptive digital environment it’s impossible for large company systems and solutions to compete with the IT capabilities of digitally native startups.


… you can build scalable, disruptive solutions within days and within fractions of costs of traditional large company million-dollar and multi-year projects.

NoCode/LowCode application development enables building software 5X to 100X faster than by using traditional technologies and is also future-proof.