Advising boards and CXOs on creating practical strategies on digital and shared services transformations. And, committing to execute them successfully.


Your GBS organization could be your biggest asset in driving digital transformation in your enterprise!

That’s right! Most organizations waste the opportunity to create new digital business models, create new smart products and create uber-efficient business operations by pigeon-holing their GBS organizations as low-cost, business operations providers.

Call us to learn how to set up your GBS correctly to deliver not just low costs, but also sales growth and digital innovation.


If the Fourth Industrial Revolution is such as existential threat to businesses then why do 70% of all digital transformations fail?

Leaders are very aware of the threat and conversely the opportunity to get ahead of competition. The issue isn’t in awareness, it’s in the question of how exactly to approach a very complicated transformation successfully.

That’s where we come in. We bring in proven checklist methodologies for digital transformation, that are based on the famed airline and medical industry approaches.