In this book, global digital expert Tony Saldanha shares a first of a kind formula to make digital transformations successful that’s based on new findings. He delivers a checklist-simple approach for business leaders, that’s based on his practical three-decades of running and transforming billion-dollar operations.

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Tony Saldanha

Author of Why Digital Transformations Fail


Tony Saldanha can provide insights as to why this is true, what companies can do about it and how it impacts overall business strategy and success. After a 27 year career at P&G, ending up as VP in Global IT and Business Services, Tony is now CEO of Transformant a consulting firm that provides advice to boards and CEOs in Fortune 500 companies on digital transformation During the past year, he has advised C-suite leaders in more than 20 Fortune 100 companies.

While at Procter & Gamble, Tony Saldanha ran IT and Global Business Services (GBS) in every region of the world, helping create a multi-billion dollar best-in-class operation. Tony has a proven track record of Global Business Services design and operations, CIO positions, acquisitions and divestitures, outsourcing, disruptive innovation, and experiences in creating new business models. His other activities include angel investing, advising non-profits and venture capitalists and start-up companies and starting up technology companies of his own. He has spoken to industry associations ranging from national lawyers to business owners across a dozen countries.


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  • Publisher:Berrett-Koehler Publishers (July 23, 2019)
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Why Digital Transformations Fail serves two sets of audiences – executives and practitioners in the enterprise and public sector, and those interested in building personal capability in this area.

Primary: Executive and management level individuals in corporate, governmental and non-profit businesses. These are individuals that fall into one or more of the following categories –

Board members seeking to understand digitization trends and desiring to drive digital strategies

CEOs, CXOs and senior executives leading organizations who desire to stay competitive

R&D and innovation leaders, strategy leaders, project and change management individuals across private and public-sector organizations

Management level individuals who want to educate themselves on digital transformation trends as well as apply its principles to their digital initiatives

The book can be immediately applied by IT and Shared Services management populations, although in my experience of speaking at conferences, this is equally applicable to other business functions such as finance, manufacturing or human resources. The book is broadly applicable across industries and geographies.

Secondary: The secondary audience includes those who are not direct practitioners, but want to stay abreast of an undeniable trend. These would include the following categories –

Academicians, business schools, students or new graduates with an interest in business trends

General-interest business book readers, who are interested in learning more about digital disruption

Entry level or new employees in organizations who understand digital disruption as a pivotal trend







Companies die during industrial revolutions.

We happen to be in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This one is caused by digital disruption and will be as disruptive as any of the past three. 40% of the S&P 500 will turn over in the next decade. Unsurprisingly, Digital Transformation, which I define as the successful transition from winning in the Third Industrial Revolution era to the Fourth, is the number one priority for most boards.

And yet, 70% of all digital transformations fail.

Based on real-life experience of having led a successful transformation of Procter & Gamble’s industry-leading Global Business Services, Tony Saldanha offers his secrets on how to succeed in digital transformation.

The surprising answer to “Why Digital Transformations Fail”, is a lack of discipline in setting the goal correctly for sustained digital transformation and insufficient rigor in executing the change across the enterprise. Part of the issue is terminology. These days the term “digital transformation” is used as a buzzword to describe most things IT. Worse, since the end state of digital transformation is poorly defined, the process to execute it becomes highly subjective leading to the 70% failure rate.

The good news is that there are proven techniques to improve reliability of processes, with the gold standard being the airplane takeoff checklist methodology. That has made airplane reliability a benchmark for all industries, and been reapplied successfully in other industries such as medicine. Based on the Procter & Gamble experience and dozens of other stories, Saldanha demonstrates that there is a set of disciplines to setting the right end-state for “perpetual transformation” to survive the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and a complementary set of disciplines on how to execute transformation with excellence.

“Why Digital Transformations Fail” provides a detailed approach for executives determined to beat the odds of disruption in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The book uses real-life examples, combined with extensive research on industry case studies to present a handy guide on leading digital disruption. In keeping with the broad interest in digital transformation, the book uses an easy conversational style and a range of fascinating stories, so that a wide audience can relate to the topic.










Tony Saldanha is a globally recognized Global Business Services (GBS) and Information Technology with vast international business experience in Europe, Asia and the US. He has held CIO positions, led global outsourcing and disruptive innovation, run acquisitions and divestitures and managed multi-billion organizations as a senior executive, including 27 years with Procter & Gamble. He is an industry-leading innovator, an advisor to boards and CEOs on digital transformation and a sought after speaker




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